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If you've enjoyed my podcast, I hope you’ll consider subscribing. You’ll get some benefits (like ad-free episodes) but the main reason most people subscribe is to support my work. The more subscribers I have, the more I'm incentivized to work on this podcast, and the more money and time I'll spend on promoting it. This is a podcast about understanding other people, whether that's in our jobs, competitive endeavors, relationships, or our political divides. For the episodes I do about psychology and behavior, I try to focus on practical aspects of how these ideas and concepts can help us improve our lives. I think our human tendency to form into angry us-versus-them groups is the biggest challenge humanity faces (especially as our technology and weapons get more powerful), and for that reason I see my depolarization-aimed work as important.
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About this podcast

Whether it’s poker tells or relationship tells or political polarization dynamics, what ties all the episodes of my podcast together is the goal of better understanding other people. Reading people better can help us be more competitive at sports and games, and can help us gain practical advantages in our jobs and in other everyday situations. Understanding others also makes us more empathetic and less judgmental, and that in turn makes us more able to resolve conflicts, achieve win-win solutions, and just generally be happier. 

I often focus on the topic of our us-versus-them divides because I think it’s the biggest problem we face, while also being under-examined in mainstream media (and it being under-examined is an understandable result of our polarization). I think my work on this topic is important because it helps a lay audience understand the academic work that’s been done on this subject, and I think if we’re going to escape worst-case scenarios we’ll need a lot more people to understand how polarization works.

To listen to more about why I do this podcast and why I think it’s important, check out this episode.

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