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If you like my podcast, I hope you’ll consider subscribing. You’ll get some benefits but, more importantly, you’ll help me make this podcast better and promote it to more people. This is a podcast about understanding other people, whether that's in our jobs, competitive endeavors, relationships, or our political divides. I think our human tendency to form into angry us-versus-them groups is the biggest challenge humanity faces, and for that reason I see the polarization-related work I do as important. I hope you'll agree.
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This is a podcast about better understanding other people, and better understanding ourselves. I talk to a range of people from various professions, asking them about how they understand and read people in their work. The podcast sometimes focuses on us-vs-them polarization and the psychology behind that. Want to get a lot more details about why I work on this podcast and why I think it's important? Check out this 20-minute episode. 

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